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Hard Chrome Plating
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  1. What's the difference between Metalife's hard chrome plating and standard hard chrome plating?

    Our TDC Hard Chrome Plating is a proprietary industrial chrome plating that is much denser, harder and a more consistent surface than typical hard chrome. TDC thickness ranges from 0.00005” to 0.0005” and the plating will not chip, crack, flake, or peel from the base material. Our hard chrome plating wears better and is more resistant to corrosion than standard hard chrome.

  2. What's the difference between TDC Hard Chrome and MLP Hard Chrome process?

    The MLP process provides a hard, thin, dense, very adherent high quality chromium base overlaid with a proprietary polymer compound. The result is an extremely smooth and slippery surface capable of substantially reducing heat and friction in many applications while maintaining a 70 to 72 Rc hardness.

  3. Why should we use Metalife's TDC or MLP Hard Chrome Plating?

    Our goal is to provide quality processes that make your products last longer therefore saving your company money and increasing your profits.

  4. Can Metalife's TDC or MLP hard chrome be processed more than once?

    Yes. As long as the area to be plated remains within the required specification our plating can be stripped off and recoated at our plant with a proprietary non-acidic solution.

  5. What types of materials can be processed?

    Almost all metals can be processed with the exception of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and zinc. Stainless Steel is processed regularly for wear enhancement and additional corrosion protection. Copper can be processed and will provide protection against abrasive wear and will not affect the coppers thermal diffusion properties.

  6. Is the finish and hardness of the substrate important?

    Performance wise, a harder and smoother surface is better. It will wear and protect against corrosion better than the same part with a softer and rougher surface. The RMS of the pre-plated surface will remain unchanged after plating down to about a 6 RMS. The process may deter slightly with finishes finer than 6 RMS, however the plated surface may be polished down to a 4 RMS at our facility but only if the same or better finish exists prior to plating.

  7. Would you do a sample if there is a possibility of future work?

    We do welcome samples. We feel it's important that our process works to your satisfaction. Most samples can be done free of charge, however, complicated samples, large samples or lots may be negotiated. Please contact us to discuss further.

  8. Are there any minimum order charges or rush fees?

    Metalife has a $75 minimum order charge. Rush charges may apply when special delivery is requested. Prints should be submitted along with delivery details for an accurate estimate.

  9. What is the typical turn around time for most jobs?

    Typical turn around is 5-7 business days. Small quantities may turn around sooner and large quantities may require additional time to process. Please contact us prior to shipment for rush or special requests. Metalife understands quick turnaround is extremely important and always tries to meet your requested due date.

  10. Are you compliant with the new OSHA PEL standards for Hexavalent Chrome?

    Metalife has been tested according to OSHA ID-215 and is well below the 5.0 MG/M3 limit. To see the results click on the ”Test Results” found on the customer service menu.

  11. Are you compliant with RoHS limits for Hexavalent Chrome?

    Metalife has had our hexavalent chromium analyzed via boiling water leach procedure outlined in Delphi DX900359. The results again are well below the 1000 ppm limit set (see ”Test Results”).

*It may be necessary to have samples of the actual parts to be plated tested to meet RoHS compliance directive.*

Metalife may conform to your requirements of many specs including:


In accordance with:
ASTM B487<
ASTM D4060-10
ASTM F519-10
Corrosion Test

hard chrome plating


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