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Hard Chrome Plating
Metalife Industries, Inc.

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Hard Chrome Plating

Metalife's Hard Chrome Plating is a proprietary process established in 1964. Our hard chrome plating is bonded at a molecular level and has a 100% guaranteed bond. Quality comes first with Metalife and our Hard Chrome plating tank is strictly regulated.  Because of this our plating surface will be 99.4% pure as deposited. Our Hard Chrome plating overcomes conventional hard chrome weaknesses which can lead to immediate failure.

Conventional Hard Chrome Plating Weaknesses

  • Large cracks spread apart leading to rapid corrosion
  • Bath produces large amounts of Hydrogen gas leading to Hydrogen stress cracking, loss of ductility and load failure

Metalife Hard Chrome Advantages

hard chrome plating

Metalife hard chrome plating will not affect a build-up of more than .00005" to .0005" under normal circumstances. The nodular structure of our Hard Chrome reduces the coefficient of friction substantially compared to other coatings.  Our hard chrome plating has a coefficient of friction rating of .12 to .16 depending on the application.

Metalife Hard Chrome resists attack by almost all organic or inorganic compounds except sulphuric and hydrochloric (muratic) acids.  It shows no reaction in 48 hours with seawater, aerated seawater, or aerated rainwater.

The surface shall be completely uniform as shown in the microscopic picture at the right (click here to read the entire test report).

hard chrome thickness test

Affects on Basic Metal Strength:

The temperature of Metalife's processing solution is 136° F, however the process will withstand temperatures from -400° to 1800° F. 

The tensile, yield and fatigue properties of the metal to be plated shall not be significantly affected by the process.

Cost of Metalife Hard Chrome Plating:

The cost is governed by the condition, configuration and surface area of a part.  Prices may be determined by your drawing or by processing of a test part.


Metalife may conform to your requirements of many specs including:


In accordance with:
ASTM D4060-10
ASTM F519-10
Corrosion Test

Remarkable Properties of Hard Chrome Plating:

  • Average 1000 KHN scale
  • 99 % Chromium
  • Excellent Lubricity
  • Satin Finish
  • .00005" – 0.0005” Deposit thickness

Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating:

  • Absolute Adhesion to Base Metals
  • Reduced Coefficient of Friction
  • No Edge build up
  • Passes ASTM Salt Spray Test(s)
  • No final grinding required

Metals for Treatment:

Powder Metal production parts, all ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are commonly machine wrought or cast and steel, brass, copper, etc. can be processed.

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Last Modified:  August 2, 2013