hard chrome plating
Hard Chrome Plating
Metalife Industries, Inc.

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Flash Chrome Plating

flash chrome plating Another hard chrome plating application is Metalife's Flash Chrome Plating. Our Flash chrome is a superior surface treatment to standard flash chrome plating.  The difference is the improved method of surface preparation and the silver satin finish.

Our Flash Chrome Plating will maintain a minimum hardness of 70 Rockwell C and a normal Build up of 0.00005" to 0.0001".

The temperature of Metalife's processing solution of 136 degrees F, however the process will withstand temperatures from -400to 1800 degrees F.  The tensile, yield and fatigue properties of the metal to be plated shall not be significantly affected by the process.  The purity of our hard chrome surface will not be less than 99.4% as deposited.

Our Flash Chrome Plating has excellent bonding properties, good corrosion resistance, reduced coefficient of friction and excellent wear characteristics making this a very versatile plating. 

This process should be considered for any jobs requiring flash chrome plating and when cost is a factor.  

Powder Metal production parts, all ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are commonly machine wrought or cast and steel, brass, copper, etc. can be processed.

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Last Modified:  August 2, 2013