hard chrome plating
Hard Chrome Plating
Metalife Industries Inc.

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“Citing one case.  Core rods for a 750 lb press typically produced 5,000 parts before they were unserviceable.  Applying Metalife’s MLP coating resulted in producing over 50,000 parts from the same core rod.”

“We have found Metalife Industries to be extremely helpful and technically competent.”

“Further benefits of the process are if you can catch the tooling before it wears through, you can have the parts retreated and extend the life further.”

Kurt Chadwick, Technical Mgr.
“Thanks for the excellent service and product you have supplied us through the years.”

“We utilize the Metalife process on most custom mold bases manufactured here and have found it to be superior to other plating's in preventing corrosion, decreasing wear on sliding components, and improving overall appearance.”

Jim Ross
“Prior to using the MLP coating Die Setters would have to polish our punches every hour to prevent pulling.”

"Currently we are on the end of a twelve thousand piece run and the pulling problem hasn’t reared it’s ugly head once.”

Jay Stearns, Process Engineer
“We use Metalife for our injection mold tooling.”

“The process protects our tools from rust and corrosion and provides lubricity that safeguards our tools from galling and helps parts release from the tool reducing cycle times.”

Anthony Brown, Tool Room Mgr.
“Metalife & the MLP process solved the sticking problem we had on the driver stud at high torque levels.”

“MLP greatly reduces friction between mating parts, increases life expectancy and is cost effective.”

“Quality & Service of Metalife Industries is unsurpassed.  We’ve assigned them the highest rating available in our ISO 9001 quality system.”

Ed Weber, Engineer

“Prior to using the MLP coating we used titanium, MOST, and Diamond Coatings and had to shut down every 100 hours to clean and sharpen our punches.  These D-2 steel punches run 24 hrs a day 7 days a week punching .060” thick aluminum.  Currently our MLP coated punches have been running for 6 months without being touched.”

Jack Burns, President

Metalife may conform to your requirements of many specs including:


In accordance with:
ASTM B487<
ASTM B499<
ASTM B504<
ASTM B571<
ASTM D4060-10<
ASTM F519-10
Corrosion Test<



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Last Modified:  August 2, 2013